Hainan's 1st Event of Global Talent Recruitment Activity 2020 Achieved Remarkable Results

Hainan's 1st Event of Global Talent Recruitment Activity 2020 Achieved Remarkable Results

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Since Hainan’s first event of global talent recruitment 2020 was launched in March this year, a lot of talent has been attracted from around the world and provided strong intellectual support for the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port.

今年5月,洋浦创新招商体制机制,组建了洋浦国际投资咨询有限公司,全面负责推进招商引资工作。目前公司已通过全球人才招聘活动成功组建起了一支具有国际视野的23人招商精英团队,平均年龄只有34.5岁,硕士以上学历13人,其中博士2人。公司成立至今不到5个月的时间里,共接待企业1268家,为洋浦引进项目29个,协议投资金额共156.7 亿元。

In May this year, Yangpu has innovated its investment attraction system, and establishedthe International Investment Consulting Co., LTD., which is responsible for promoting investment attraction. At present, the company has successfully established an elite team of 23 people with international vision through the global talent recruitment activity. The average age is only 34.5 years old. There are 13 people with master's degree or above, including 2 with doctor's degree. Within less than 5 months since its establishment, the company has received 1268 enterprises, introduced 29 projects to Yangpu, with an investment amount of 15.67 billion Yuan in total.


Since the recruitment was launched, Yangpu has introduced 11 talent teams in shipping, law, advanced manufacturing and other fields, providing strong intellectual support for the construction of Yangpu as a demonstration area of the Hainan Free Trade Port.


As of October 16th, the "Cloud Recruitment" of the "contact Hainan" website, has seen a total of 3.37 million page views, with 1,823 employers participating in and 49,400 job openings. Nearly 479,600 resumes have been received, and 13,400 resumes have been received for positions with annual salaries above 300,000 Yuan. There are more than 41,000 people signing intention contracts and formal contracts.


At the end of this month, the relevant departments of Hainan will also go to Guangzhou to carry out special recruitment of international talent. On October 25th, a series of activities will be launched for college graduates of 2021 tostay in Hainan for employment and entrepreneurship, which will set up a good communication platform for college graduates to connect with enterprises and institutions.

Key words:

截至10月16日 As of October 16th

浏览量337万次  3.37 Million Page Views

用人单位1823家 1,823 Employers

招聘岗位4.94万个 49,400 Job Openings

接收简历近47.96万份 479,600 Resumes Have Been Received

30万元以上年薪岗位 Positions with Annual Salaries above 300,000 Yuan

共接收简历1.34万份 Received 13,400 Resumes

签约合计4.1万余人 More than 41,000 People Signing Contracts